Visit the Farm

Visit the Farm

you will have the opportunity TO participate in a range of specific activities during your stay at the farm. all activities are organized and supervised by our colleagues.

A visit at the farm is a reset for the parents and a fun & valuable lesson for the kids. Romanian country side is known as the “zen” area of Europe. Time stands still here since forever; life has the pace of tranquility that only the most intimated bonding with nature can provide. This is what we are trying to preserve or revive with the ambiance we created, the activities we organize and the food we bring to your table.

There is no room for technology in our corner of the world. It’s just time for the inner you, for recharging, for finding yourself, for connecting with your loved ones without the distractions of the modern world, for undoing whatever toll technology and the everyday quest for professional performance has taken on you.

When open, we gladly accept also visitors not hosted in our rooms, roamers looking for a traditional meal or just curious to see us. There is one catch, or two, though:
(i) such un-scheduled visits must be announced by at least 2 days in advance by email ( specifying the estimated time of arrival, time intended to spend at the farm, the number of adults and children, in order to be able to provide appropriate service and
(ii) the visitors are expected to acquire either farm products of at least EUR 15/adult or to serve lunch/dinner in our restaurant (the menu is EUR 14/adult for breakfast, EUR 21/adult for lunch and EUR 20/adult for dinner). The tariffs for kids between 4-12 years old are EUR 7 for breakfast, EUR 10 for lunch or dinner and for 1-4 years old kids the tariffs are EUR 3.5 for breakfast and EUR 5 for lunch or dinner.


We are looking forward to greeting you!

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