Pure Food at the Farm

slow cooked food, with natural ingredients

Our guests enjoy full-board vacations including breakfast, lunch and dinner an in-between snacks with traditional dishes. Our food is slow-cooked by local chefs, with ingredients from the farm or from selected neighboring local producers.

Everything comes straight from the nature: in some years we fill the cellar with apples, in other years with pears, in some springs we have lots of nettles and dandelions, in others just fir tree buds and birch sap. We don’t do anything that would take us astray from the nature’s due course. In fact, we only embraced one aspect of the modern civilizations: hygiene rules at the toughest EU standards. We apply them obsessively in the rooms, in the restaurant, in the kitchen, throughout our production process, in fact, all over the estate.

The menu depends on the seasonality and on the availability of our own production, but it generally includes the following delicacies:

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yogurt (simple, with fruits, with cereals), cheese and other dairy products from the farm, vegetables (tomatoes, peppers, cucumbers, onions, olives), eggs (boiled, fried, omelet), home-made salami, sausages and other meat products, milk, puddings, home-made bread, fruits, etc.

appetizers (beans cream, cheese, onions, polenta with sour cream and cheese, etc), a variety of soups & borsch (chicken, beans with smoked meat, meatballs, pork, beef, vegetables, cream soups, etc.),  a variety of main dishes (chicken stew, beef stew, goulash, pork stew, meat-stuffed cabbage, vegetables stew, moussaka, baked duck with cabbage, baked pasta with cheese, mushroom stew, chicken livers with mashed potatoes, etc.).

appetizers (beans cream, polenta with sour cream and cheese), grill (pork, sausages, pastrami, fish, vegetables), turkey schnitzel, meat (baby-goat, lamb, pork, beef) slow-cooked in the oven,  baked potatoes with garlic and rosemary, polenta with cheese in the oven, meatballs, nettles stew, baked mushrooms, etc.

pancake, apple pie, cheese pie, fruit cake, sponge cake, other traditional sweets and cakes.

*Guests are prohibited from entering the kitchen. Meals are served at the restaurant. Access with food from outside the farm is prohibited, with the exception of infant food and/or food for special diets (allergies, intolerances, etc.).


Food Gallery

We can share with you over 1000 photos.

Placing them in one gallery on our website would be a waste of resources. To view them all, please follow this link to our facebook gallery.