We are Vali and Alex, a local family with two young boys, we grow farm animals, cultivate the earth and care for orchards as our ancestors used to do: with love and respect for the nature. At our farmhouse in Romania you can escape the fast-paced nature of life today and enjoy traditional dishes, without a trace of chemicals, all made with products from our farm and the villages around.

vali si alex ferma penteleu

Our farm is so much more than just accommodation, it enriches your holiday experience and provides lasting memories of the perfect vacation in the countryside in Romania. Our farm is all about simple bio food cooked with our home made ingredients, new comfortable rooms and the genuine warmth and friendliness of a Romanian family home, whilst surrounding yourself with the sights and sounds of the beautiful Romanian countryside in the mountains of Buzau.


Our family (two adults and two baby boys) is most of the time around. We are available to help with any questions, and to show you around the farm during appointed times or to leave you to enjoy your privacy if you prefer. In fact, we have allowed a single element of contemporary civilization, out of respect for you, our guests: hygiene in food preparation and verification throughout the entire process comply with the most stringent European standards.

MIST7201 (Custom)

Populated with a lot of animals as goats, sheep, cows, rabbits and geese, ducks and chickens, our farm is a reminder of the pure life in the mountains. Kids love to feed the animals and enjoy to hug them, and the adults remember the holidays they used to spend at their grandparents and those ages when the life was much more simple.

copii ferma penteleu

We accommodate you in new coquette rooms with many books, old movies and vinyls, playgrounds and rest areas. Whatever the weather, here you can relax by the fireplace, you can taste wines or choose to spend time in the game room. Wake up to the crow of the rooster, collect the freshly-laid breakfast eggs, help feed the animals, or just enjoy a wander through the mountains around us.


If you want to convince yourself of the beauty of the place, of the clean air, the fresh warm bread from the oven, the cheese pies, you are welcome at our farm house!


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