Activities at our farm

you will have the opportunity TO participate in a range of specific activities during your stay at the farm. all activities are organized and supervised by our colleagues.






Craft beer


Animal feeding

Animal grooming

Goat grazing

Picking eggs

Cleaning stables


Garden Maintenance

Harvesting fruits

Cleaning meadows

Picking berries

Picking medicinal plants

Building rafts

Flying kites


Various contests

River bathing, fishing

Camp fire

Wool processing

The time spent with the animals at our farm is one of the most enjoyable parts of your stay. You will have the company of our goats, cows, pigs, chicken, ducks, geese, turkey, rabbits and, last but not least, our donkey. Children adore to feed them, cuddle and pet them, and you, grown-ups, will recall the time spent with your grandparents, when life seemed so easy and straightforward before adulthood made it so unnecessarily complicated. Daydreaming and submitting to memories are allowed, and even encouraged…

In addition, we prepared a variety of other practical and creative activities, meant to revive old crafts specific to the agrarian society. Depending on the time of year and the availability of the craftsmen, these workshops come to life:

 – we have an antique forge where our blacksmith makes horseshoes and other crafty metal objects

–  we have also an antique weaving machine where one of our colleagues shows you how our grand-grandparents made their carpets and blankets

– another skilled colleague teaches you how to traditionally process the wool as our grandparents did

  – pottery workshop

Not to mention roaming the mountain with the goats in the company of our shepherd, Tyrolean cable drop, mini-golf, trekking, mountain biking (the guests must bring their own bikes), etc.

2019 came along with a spa for the grown-ups. A hot bath-tub (with salty water) and a dry sauna, strategically placed slightly above the pub, will offer you a magnificent view over the Farm and will caress your senses in the fresh summer nights, or in the cold winter days. Or in whatever season and at whatever time of the day you feel like being pampered.


Activities Gallery

We can share with you over 1000 photos.

Placing them in one gallery on our website would be a waste of resources. To view them all, please follow this link to our facebook gallery.


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