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About us

Ferma de sub Penteleu (“The Farm under Penteleu”, or “The Farm”) is not a dream come true… it is much more. It is the very incarnation of a dream, a dream that became self-aware and developed a soul of its own. It’s a way of life and a paradigm changer in a world where technology, an escalating spiral of stress and a continuous and pointless rush for material welfare are taking a daily toll on our humanity.

It all began in the summer of 2009, when we, the Dincă’s (Alexandru and Valerica), were looking for a quiet place of retreat, away from the everyday stress of the city and of our current business.


We found a long-forgotten corner of heaven, in the Buzău mountains, not far from the city of Buzău where Alexandru has his roots. The former scattered village of Gura Milii, that only had 2 permanent inhabitants left at that time, nested along Bâsca Mare river at the feet of Mount Penteleu (not the highest, but for sure among the wildest mountains of the Carpathians), called us in the ancestral language of the unspoiled nature. We heard the call as if real, and settled there with a cozy and private holiday cottage. 

As our first child, Toma, came into the world, we added to the property and established a small goat farm and a vegetables garden, in order to secure the very best, natural and healthy food we could dream of for our son. 

Little did we know at the time that what started as a hobby and as a quest to provide the best for our loved ones will little by little take over our lives. In a good way, of course… Especially after our second child, Cezar, came along, the property expanded and the small goat farm grew. Before we knew it, we had over 50 goats, pigs, chicken, ducks, cows and we started sharing the farm products with our friends. And that’s how the Farm started, resurrecting the old way of life of the Romanian farmers, in close brotherhood with the Mother Nature, respecting her and working together with her.


And from sharing with friends to sharing with everybody else who resonate with the same principles of simplicity, mindfulness and reconnection with the very roots of our humanity, it was one tiny step. The step of developing accommodation facility. And that we did. Following the traditional peasant’s style, blending in with the surroundings, taking the best out of nature, but also giving back at least equally, we slowly built 17 cozy accommodation units. They came along with a traditional restaurant, where all the guests can feast and cuddle their senses with typical Romanian food, cooked with natural ingredients, most of them produced by the Farm, and with a lot, but really a lot, of loving soul.

In order for the traditional experience to be complete, we carefully and relentlessly gathered and restored old, traditional tools and equipment and set-up craftsmen’s workshops. We have pottery, blacksmith, weaving and traditional art workshops, together creating a “time-machine” carrying our guests over 150 years back in time. The rides in an old horse-driven carriage and accompanying our shepherds in taking the goats up on the mountain trails also add to the experience.

Moreover, we diversified the experiences at the Farm by adding opportunities for the gown-ups to take some time away from their parenting obligations and take care of their own leisure. That’s how our spa came-up, of course in the same rustic style. A hot bath-tub (with salty water) and a dry sauna, strategically placed slightly above the pub, will offer you a magnificent view over the Farm and will caress your senses in the fresh summer nights, or in the cold winter days. Or in whatever season and at whatever time of the day you feel like being pampered.

The Farm got to a level where the complexity of its simplicity became overwhelming. It was at that point, back in 2016, when our two friends, the Fleşariu’s (Cristina and Dan) joined the Farm as partners in an effort to ensure the very best and consistent hosting to our guests. And, by the way, we met them and became friends by chance in 2009, at Gura Milii, when we acquired the first plot of land. If that was not a sign, we don’t know what a sign is…  


So now, dear guests, you have two pairs of hosts to take care of you during your retreat, together with a very picturesque, friendly and dedicated local team. We have Stelică & Simion “Nuca” caring for the animals, Mirela in charge with our production (dairy and meat products), Monica, Irina and Amalia,  ensuring the cleanliness, Lili, Flori, Tina, Maria, Nicoleta and Rodica preparing our famous traditional food and Marinela & Simona bringing the food to your table. And let’s not forget Mihai, Rodica and Jos, showing you the traditional crafts of the region, and Dani , taking care that all the systems and installations are functioning properly.

We all wish you a pleasant and unforgettable stay. If we managed to help you leave your daily concerns behind and have your “batteries” fully charged, ready to embrace life more positively on your departure, then our job was done… and we will be waiting for you to return as a friends.




The Farm is just at the feet of Mount Penteleu, on the left bank of Bâsca Mare river, in the scattered village of Gura Milii (administrative territory of Gura Teghii commune, Varlaam village, Buzău county). There is no GSM coverage in our area, so please only contact us via e-mail at contact@fermapenteleu.ro. The access is allowed strictly upon confirmed prior reservation. Entry without reservation is considered trespassing. Thank you for your understanding and we are looking forward to your visit!


The trip from Bucharest tales about 3 – 3.5 hrs, depending on traffic and on the chosen route. There are two alternative routes:

  1. Take the exit of Colentina – Afumati on E85 to Buzau and then take DN10 Buzau – Brasov until Nehoiu Exit DN10 to the right, on a county road towards Gura Teghii – Varlaam, shortly after passing the town of Nehoiu. Once in Varlaam, watch for the sign towards Comandau and turn left once you see it. It is a narrow rural road which will turn unpaved after the first 2 km. The Farm is about 5 km down that road.
  2. Take the exit to A3 or the exit to DN1 and continue on either of them to Ploiesti. At Ploiesti, take the city Western ring-road and exit to DN1A tpwards Valenii de Munte. In Valenii de Munte exit right towards Calvini and then left on DN10 towards Nehoiu. After than the route is the same as above.

The trip from Brasov, is on DN10 towards Introsura Buzaului – Siriu. Shortly after the dam of Siriu turn left on a county road towards Gura Teghii – Varlaam. Once in Varlaam, watch for the sign towards Comandau and turn left once you see it. It is a narrow rural road which will turn unpaved after the first 2 km. The Farm is about 5 km down that road.
There are bus connections to Varlaam, and we will pick you up from the bus station on your arrival, given we receive timely notice. Check the autogari.ro website.

The Farm is at an altitude of 750 meters (2,500 feet).

Important: After you pass Valraam you will lose the GSM reception. When you see the sign towards Comandau turn left, cross the Basca Mare river and continue on the narrow rural road for 10-15 minutes keeping the river in your sight on the right hand side. Don’t worry that the road will soon become unpaved. Keep going until you will see our logo on the right (careful not to miss it!). Enter and leave the car in the parking and cross the river on the cable bridge to enter the farm area. Follow the “Reception” signs.

VERY IMPORTANT: Irrespective of the chosen route, disregard any GPS / WAZE indication other than DN10 and Gura Teghii!

Road condition: The road is in a generally good condition, except for the last 3 km just before arriving at the Farm, which are unpaved, but still in a reasonable shape for careful drivers. Drive safely and try getting here on daylight!

Important advice: Once you arrive at the gate, please call on the interphone and wait for the gates to open. A colleague will come to the parking lot within 5 minutes to greet you, take-up your luggage and show you to your room.




We can share with you over 1000 photos.

Placing them in one gallery on our website would be a waste of resources. To view them all, please follow this link to our facebook gallery.


Touristic Attractions

The Farm is at the feet of Mount Penteleu, part of the Buzau Mountains, on the left bank of Bâsca Mare River. While most of our guests prefer to spend their entire stay in or around the farm, there are plenty of magnificent sites within driving or even strolling range that are worth visiting.

For hiking lovers, a trip up to the Penteleu Peak would be an interesting half-day challenge that needs only comfortable mountain shoes and a light backpack with a raincoat (the weather can be unpredictable), a bottle of water and some healthy snacks from our farm. The route is also suitable for mountain bikers (please bring your own mountain bike for this!)